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God's Promise for Autism

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Autism's Hidden Blessings
Discovering God's Promises for Autistic Children and Their Families

God has a unique and marvelous purpose for your child with autism, and a purpose no less than that of any neurotypical child. Read the book that gets real with parents weary from the battle to care for their special needs child. In the brutally honest story of a challenging walk with her autistic son, Kelly Langston explores scriptural promises that enabled her son to soar above autism and become the child God intended him to be.

This Christian book about autism shares God's blueprint for children to lead lives full of joy and potential despite autism. It's the story of God reaching down into the darkness of our lowest moment and pulling us back into the light of His love to soar again.

Autism's Hidden Blessings will forever change your family walk with autism, allowing you to see your child not through the haze of autism, but through the eyes of an Almighty God Who has provided powerful promises to teach your family to soar above it to an adventurous life of joy and potential.

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